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Best practices for sending PushBird notifications

A PushBird message often only contains one sentence, yet sending the perfect message is more difficult than it seems. How do you send the perfect message? In this blog we provide tips and tricks so you can send the perfect message, time after time.

1. Short and Simple 🙌🏻

According to various surveys and studies we conducted, the recommended length of a push message is 40 characters. With this length, most devices are able to display your message without cutting it off. Try to keep your message concise and to the point. If 40 characters is not enough to get your message across, create an engaging message by adding a picture that explains more or catches the recipients eye. You can also add one or more emojis to your message. The use of emojis can increase click rates up to 25%!

2. Keep it relevant

Push notifications are an amazing way to convey limited time offers to your customers. Prevent frustrations and ensure that offers only valid for a limited period of time make it to your target audience only when the offer is still valid. Target your message to the right segment and limit its lifespan to the validity of the offer. PushBird offers an easy way to manage and schedule your push notifications, add topics and create segments. This way only the precisely targeted customers will receive your message. Adding an expiry date ensures that your message will not be delivered if it is no longer relevant.

3. Be personal

Sending a Push Notification only newsworthy in Germany? Then why should your visitors in Indonesia receive it? Keep your messages as personal and relevant as possible. Uniform updates have a spammy and ugly blemish that results in many ignored messages. PushBird offers many features that help you group portions of your audience together based on variables like geo-location, language, device type, subscription date. This way you can be as personable and relevant as possible.

4. Check and adapt

Monitor the messages you sent. Every audience is different and every audience responds different to messages. What is the click rate? Why did this message result in a lower click rate? Which push notification resulted in a high conversion? Notice the patterns, learn from them and adapt your messages accordingly. This will result in maximum engagement.

5. Let your audience control

Let your visitors decide what they want to receive. This will keep your target audience relevant and approachable. With our unique topics your audience is able to communicate their preferences and only receive the messages they are truly interested in.

Want to get help creating the right segment and engaging your target audience? Please contact us via [email protected] or via the chat and our support team will get your up to speed.

Marketing manager @ PushBird
Martin has over 10 years of experience in communications ranging from PR to marketing.

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