“Frequently asked questions”

What is PushBird?
PushBird enables companies to directly engage with their customers via web push notifications. From the dashboard messages can be scheduled of send directly to the specified target audience.
What are Push notifications?
Browser push notifications, also known as web push notifications, are notifications that are received from websites instead of apps and do not need the website or even the browser to be open for them to be received.
How do I add push notifications to my website?
With PushBird you can add web push messaging to your website within minutes by adding our prebuild javascript code. Make a PushBird account, paste the code to your website and you are ready to go.
What devices support Push notifications?
Currently push notifications are can be received on the following operating systems: windows, mac, linux and android. Browser push notifications are currently not supported on iOS devices.
Do I need an app for push notifications to work?
No, PushBird’s web push notifications work without an app nor do they need the website or browser to be open.
Is PushBird difficult to install?
No. The installation of PushBird requires only one line of code for you to add to your website. Easily adapt the appearance and you are ready to go.
Are web push notifications secure?
Yes. We fully encrypt all notifications so only you and your recipients can read them so go ahead and send them that great deal that is too hot for others to see.
I have a HTTP website, can I use PushBird.
Yes you can. You do not need any special procedure to get started.
Can I migrate to PushBird?
Yes you can. We will make the process as smooth as we can. Please contact us for more information.
Does PushBird impact my website’s loading time?
No, it does not. PushBird only takes around 200ms to load asynchronous.
How to schedule a message?
After composing a message it can be send immediately of scheduled to be send at a later time. Choose ‘schedule’ in the final step and choose the time and date when the message should be send.
What are topics?
When subscribing, the recipient can choose what type of messages he is interested in. The various topics can be added on the subscription page. Choose in the menu for ‘subscription’ and go to ‘topics’. Choose your topics with care. When you add a new topic in a later stage, subscribers are not automatically added to this topic.
What are segments?
Segments help you to get the right message to the right recipient. It is possible to segment on the following: Subscription date, device type, operating system, browser type, language, user agent and url. The various types can be combined to the right segment.
How to make a segment
A new segment can be made on the segments page. Choose in the menu for ‘segments’ and click ‘new segment’. In the overview the various segments and the number of subscribers in the segment are shown. The include / exclude functionality makes it possible to easily compile the right segment. The maximum number of segments is determined by the chosen plan.
How do I add a test device?
A test device can be added on the settings page. Choose in the menu for ‘settings’ and click ‘add test device’. Click on ‘link’ to add this device as a test device. In the window that opens you can fill in the name of your testdevice. By clicking ‘copy’ the link is copied to the clipboard and can be send to another device.
How do I change the invitation?
The invitation can be changed on the invitation page. Choose in the menu for ‘invitation’ and click on ‘add invitation’. Choose for popup, floating button or bookmark. You can add multiple languages and choose what invitation is shown on what page. The language shown is based on the user’s browser language.
What is the bookmark used for?
With the bookmark, users can manage their preferences and subscribe to various topics.
How do I change the bookmark?
The invitation can be changed on the invitation page. Choose in the menu for ‘invitation’ and go to ‘bookmark’. Here you can change the colour and the position of the bookmark. It is also possible to hide the bookmark on certain pages.
What is the subscription window?
When visitors have accepted your invitation the enter the subscription window. Here they can choose what topics they want to subscribe to.
How do I change the subscription window?
The subscription window can be changed on subscription page. Choose in the menu for ‘subscription’. Here the background image can be uploaded to match your website. \under the ‘topics’ section the title and body can be changed.
What is a welcome message?
A welcome message is an automated message that the subscriber receives when he subscribes to notifications.
How to set up welcome messages?
A welcome message can be set up on the subscription page. Choose in the menu for ‘subscription’ and go to ‘welcome message’.
How do I add a user?
A user can be added from the account page. Click on the right top corner on your initials and choose for ‘account’. Under ‘users’ an additional user can be added.
How do I change my password?
Your password can be changed from the account page. Click on the right top had corner on your initials and click ‘change password’.
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