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How web push notifications help ecommerce

From happy customers to more conversions

Selling more products is easier when your website visitors are happy and find what they are looking for. Push notifications are an ideal channel to engage your website visitors, inform them and change purchase intentions into conversions by means of great and urgent deals.

With PushBird’s advaced segmentation functionalities, discounts can be targeted at the individual customer. Consequentially it is possible to send precise, timely and relevant messages. When messages match the needs of the customer, they are perceived as pleasant and have a positive effect on the customer experience. The additional sessions in the webshop offer new conversion possibilities.

Easy to use

From our easy to use dashboard, push notifications can easily be made, managed and send. Off course it also is possible to personalize the invitation and subscription window for it to perfectly match the style of your website.

Perfect integration possibilities

Within ecommerce, it is crucial that the various channels complement each other and that all the results can be measured. PushBird can be perfectly integrated with Google Analytics for it to perfectly complement all other (online) marketing channels. Are you interested in what we can do for you? PushBird is currently used by a great number of other ecommerce companies and online shops. Take a look at all our features or contact us for a demo.

Customer Success Manager @ PushBird
Oliver helps PushBird users to get the most out of every message. Perfect communication is what he aims for.