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Webpush for soccer clubs

PushBird enables soccer clubs to directly communicate with their supporters and engage them online.

With PushBird notifications, soccer clubs are able to engage their supporters online and interact with them. Informing supporters on club related news, providing them with score updates and presenting them with special offers. PushBird web push notifications enable them to place more emphasis on their own medium, their website. Resulting in more repeated online visits and more conversions opportunities, both tickets and merchandise.

Personal interaction

Web push notifications offer a great channel for soccer clubs to interact with their supporters due to its intimate nature. The notifications are received right at the home screen. Furthermore, supporters want to be informed directly on important news updates.

Advanced segmentation

With PushBird’s advances segmentation options, soccer clubs are able to precisely target the right supporter for every message. As a result, the most fanatic supports that do not want to miss any update will receive more updates than regular fans that prefer to only receive breaking news. Off course this segmentation can be expanded based on individual subscriber preferences or characteristics.

Advantages compared to email and social media

  • Reach your complete target audience
  • Appear prominent on the homescreens
  • Higher interaction rates
  • Boost your own medium

Let’s get started

With opt-in rates up to 75%, supporters embrace push notifications as a welcome addition to the online communication channels. Our PushBird support team is looking forward to help you unleash the potential of push notifications. Do you want to find out more? Read our Willem II success story or contact us to arrange a demo.

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