How Expert boosted the online shopping experience and sales with PushBird in 14 days.

During the Expert discount festival Expert has used PushBird. In less than 14 days they collected more that 15.000 subscribers. The results surpassed every expectation and boosted the online customer experience and sales. With her services, Expert aims to express trust and quality while keeping the customer engaged of the process.

repeated visitors
Increase in sales
messages received
Improved customer experience

Expert's story

The best service, familiar close

Expert’s goal is providing their customers with the best possible service. Their pay-off familiar close emphasises their aim to keep the communication with their customers direct while responding to their needs and wishes, both offline and online. Expert is the customer-oriented specialist store in home electronics and is declared best retailer in the consumer electronics branch.

The goal

A better customer experience and higher sales due to more direct interaction

The online strategy of expert is twofold. Improving the customer’s (online) experience and make customers return for their next purchase to the webshop or specialist store. From experience, Expert knows that customers are likely to return when they have enjoyed the shopping process. Furthermore, a smooth (online) customer experience boosts the conversion rates. With a solid strategy and the right people to give shape to the communication, PushBird is the perfect tool to accomplish Expert's goal..

The solution

PushBird’s role in the customer journey

In achieving Expert’s goal, boosting the customer experience and redirecting visitors to the webshop or specialist store, PushBird has proven to be a perfect communication tool and valuable addition to the customer journey.
The direct messaging results in an extra interaction with high informative value. As a consequence, Expert remains top of mind a the customer can be redirected to the website for another conversion opportunity.

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Expert's success

+30% repeated visitors

By effectively using PushBird, Expert has been able to achieve fantastic results. In less than 14 days of PushBird use, Expert has achieved the following:

  • +30% repeated visitors
  • Increase in sales
  • +95% messages received
  • Improved customer experience

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Other success stories

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