More Vespa's sold by informing fans actively.

The Vespa Garage operates in a unique market. Lovers of old Italian wasps will have a great time in Joep and Willem’s garage. With PushBird they are able to retarget those interested and redirect them back to the website whenever a unique model is added to their occasions.

more Vespas sold
messages received
Improved customer experience

The story of The Vespa Garage

Italian vibes in The Netherlands

In the rural Biest-Houtakker a little part of Italy can be found in a barn. Old Vespas, from time to time an old motorcycle, Apes and Ciao’s but also parts to keep all of this on the road. When walking around it feels like another era. The smell of fresh espresso combined with two stroke gasoline tickles the senses. This is the domain of Joep and Willem Bertens.

The goal

More engagement and valuable interactions

Even though The Vespa Garage has a great number of online followers, the emphasis of this reach lies on the social media. When a new, unique model enters the garage, most often this is first shared on the social media. Activating their followers and fans from the social media and interacting with them on their own site remained challenging. Building an engaged community around their website and retargeting them by direct messages is The Vespa Garage’s goal.

De Vespa Garage
Vespa 160 GS 2nd Series - M.I.S.A - from 1963 - NL plates😃

The solution

More clicks, direct interaction

The Vespa Garage has a great, broad following. With PushBird are they better able to actively engage and interact via their own channel; the website. After 6 months of active usage, The Vespa Garage has achieved the following results:

  • +20% clicks
  • more Vespas sold
  • +97% messages received

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