How Vitaminbottle increased its recurring revenue with PushBird.

Vitamines are essential for a healthy lifestyle. In our contemporary, stressful society we can use some ‘extra’. Vitaminbottle offers vitamines on a natural base which ensures a much higher absorption by the body in comparison to synthetic alternatives. With PushBird, Vitaminbottle has increased its recurring sales and the recurring customers buy more than before.

repeated customers
increase in sales
order value from recurring customers
increased interaction

The story of Vitaminbottle

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Vitaminbottle offers a natural vitamine boost to stay healthy. Vegetables and fruits remains important, however vitamines can be a valuable addition to the dietary pattern. By using natural vitamines, the absorption by the body is higher and you stay healthier.

The goal

More recurring revenue

Only using vitamines when you feel a little bit ill is an option, however, grandmother already told us that prevention is better than to cure. Vitamines should be used on a regular base and consequentially, after some time you run out. Great time to order some new ones. Vitaminbottle aimed to increase their recurring customers and offer them additional products based on their behaviour and needs. This in order to boost the average order revenue.

The solution

Happy customers, month after month

Vitaminbottle is able to precisely predict when a customer is in need of new vitamines, however, getting those customers back to their website remained a challenge. With PushBird, Vitaminbottle is able to offer their customers a great deal at the very best moment. Furthermore, Vitaminbottle can recommend other products that fit their customers’ lifestyle. As a result, Vitaminbottle not only offers a product but also a recurring service to keep its customers healthy.

Be ready for the winter, new vitamines are waiting for you!

The result

More recurring customers, higher order values.

By using PushBird, Vitaminbottle has increased the number of repeating customers significantly. Additionally, the average order value has increased by sending products recommended for the individual customer via PushBird. The use of PushBird has lead to the following results:

  • +23% repeated visitors
  • increase in sales
  • +35% order value from repeated visitors
  • +12% interaction

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