Enormous boost of Willem II’s direct interaction with supporters!

Soccer club Willem II uses PushBird to increase the direct interaction with it’s fans and redirect them back to its website. The direct interaction results in more fan engagement and boosts the own medium. Engaged fans strengthen the club and improve results.

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Willem II’s story

Faithful fans, strong together

Willem II, the tricolores, is named after the Dutch King Willem II and the Tilburg’s proud. Established in 1896 by a group of 12 men looking for fun and games, Willem II has developed itself to a fantastic club with a faithful and warm group of fans.

The goal

From fan to more engagement and interaction

Despite Willem II’s broad fanbase was their presence not fully reflected in the numbers. Online interaction occurred mostly on the social media while direct interaction and website traffic remained absent. Consequentially, updates were shared via social before the website was updated. Willem II was looking to engage their fans via channels that add value for themselves.

The solution

Direct messaging en interaction

With its website Willem II has a great channel to share information with its fans. Via PushBird these fans can be notified directly on the homescreen of desktop, tablet and mobile. However, PushBird offers more. Not only informing the fan but also facilitating interactions to engage and involve them. Because PushBird provides Willem II with detailed insights in the achieved results, Willem II is able to improve each message.

Willem II
Freek Heerkens signs contract till 2021!😃

Willem II’s victory

+45% repeated visitors

By adding PushBird to her channels, Willem II has achieved the following:

  • +20% clickrates
  • +95% messages received
  • +45% repeated visitors

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